Webinar: Job Interviews in Germany

Convincing with an Authentic Presentation.

Convince the interview panel of your personality and qualifications. With good techniques and methods, you will succeed in an authentic and effective presentation in the job interview.

In our webinar we show you how to create a convincing self-presentation. In addition, we discuss conversation techniques that help you to influence your counterpart positively and thus win them over. We provide you with suitable strategies to react confidently to a variety of questions in the interview.

With our recommendations for preparation, you will be able to appear much more relaxed and successful in future job interviews.

Contents of the webinar:

  • Professional preparation of a job interview
  • The main stages of an interview (multimodal interview)
  • Tips for individual conversation sequences (small talk, introducing the company, self-presentation, questions about requirements, contract and salary negotiation)
  • Conversation techniques to convince decision-makers
  • Question / answer session

Technical requirements:

We hold our webinars using the platform Edudip. An additional download of software is not necessary. The following technical requirements must be fulfilled to participate:

  • Computer with a powerful internet connection
  • Speakers or headphones to receive the sound

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10:00 - 11:30 Uhr
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